I Help Medical Professionals And Individuals Recover And Recoup Owed Healthcare Costs After Denied Insurance Claims

 I am ready to help you recover the cost of care as an experienced attorney in denied no-fault insurance claims and no-fault arbitration.

Efficient And Effective Legal Representation

My name is Pasquale Bochiechio. I started my firm to provide help to both individuals and medical professionals and organizations that require reliable legal care. The firm handles no fault arbitration cases in Buffalo, Rochester, and Syracuse, NY

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Personal Injury

No-Fault Insurance Claims

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Bringing Thoughtful Care To Medical Providers

I view every case I take as a partnership. At the outset, I will sit down with you and any other stakeholders to discuss what the ideal outcome will look like. Then, I work to achieve that. I help individuals with no-fault insurance claims, stemming from care options such as:

  • Acupuncture
  • Diagnostic testing
  • Medical supplies
  • Chiropractic treatment
  • Surgical and in-office procedures
  • Hospital care
  • Physical therapy
  • Massage therapy

I prioritize strategic, efficient care for these cases, and work to stay as responsive as possible to my clients. When possible, I provide my clients with the tools to keep up to date with their case online at the American Arbitration Association.

Why Choose Our Firm

No upfront cost to doctors or individuals to pursue payment of your denied claim

No attorney fees assessed to the firm’s clients

Experienced and focused counsel

Partnership with a firm to help physician’s offices with an optimization of billing

Step-by-step consultation of possible outcomes prior to client decision for settlement or arbitration

Tailored and customized approach for each client to meet their individual needs

No Fault Is The Only System Where Doctors Must Diagnose, Treat, Bill, And
Then Pray For Compensation.

Our firm helps make sure that doctors and healthcare professionals are compensated appropriately for treatment and services rendered under no fault insurance. Our firm understands how hard providers work and want to help ensure that providers get paid for work performed.


“Trusting Pasquale Bochiechio with my Arbitrations has been incredibly rewarding.  We are so lucky to have an attorney of his caliber in our area.  He and his staff are very attentive to details and always reliable.  Thank you for all that you do!”

-Dr. Steve Novelli


“Pasquale and his firm go above and beyond for every case. They do countless arbitration’s for us every year and they treat every one of our cases like it is their only case. Their win percentage is absolutely incredible for us. They fight for us and truly care. They are always available for questions and concerns and I would trust no one else to do our arbitration’s. To say I am pleased is an understatement. If I could give this review more than 5 stars I would!”

-Dr. Matthew T. Christopher


“Family Care PT has been using No Fault Solutions for their No Fault litigation needs for several years. Pasquale has made the process of getting our claims paid seamless and exceptionally efficient. The medical field can be extremely fast paced with minimal time to spend fighting to have claims justifiably paid but Pasquale and his team have created an environment that allows you to focus on patient care while he fights on your behalf when the insurance companies put up consistent roadblocks. The speed at which No Fault Solutions gets our claims paid are second to none. Our practice could not be more happy with the service and efforts No Fault Solutions has provided.”

-Sammy Iraci III (Owner / PT)

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